Small and Smart / Documentário

Small and Smart – Expressions of Contemporary Slovenian Architecture in Film é uma série de seis pequenos vídeos sobre a arquitetura da Eslovênia.

Produzido pela MAO – Museum of Architecture and Design, o documentário retrata os seguintes projetos: 

Biotechnical Faculty / ARK arhitektura Krušec (Ljubljana, 2009-2010)
House D / Bevk Perović arhitekti (Ljubljana 2007/2008)
Stadium Stožice / Sadar + Vuga (Ljubljana 2010)
Houses on Jurčkova Street / Jože Peterkoč (Ljubljana, 2009)
Metal Recycling Plant / Dekleva Gregorič arhitekti (Pivka, 2007)
Square and Open-Air Altar / Brezje, Maruša Zorec, Martina Tepina (Brezje, 2008). 

Assista abaixo dois dos vídeos disponibilizados:

Descrição do site (em inglês):
Architecture is not a static but a dynamic, living thing. Similarly film is highly suited to represent and experience architectures as spaces, as stages for human encounter and interaction. In this series of short films architecture becomes animated, even transformed, with social input. Similarly it serves to animate its viewers/occupants – architecture as stage and actor both. (Good) built projects in Slovenia generally follow a well-thought and focused approach and execution. They are, relatively speaking, of modest size. They are small not in scale nor ambition – but small as in contained, disciplined, intelligent and specifically responsive. With room for a smile.

Small and Smart consists of six short films, one of each of six built architectural projects. Each employs a simple story – a development, an exchange – to move through and relate the experience of the architecture. As the films move through and document the spaces and exchanges, certain key features of the architectures are revealed and emphasised. All architectures here are recent builds (2006 and later) and are of varied types, programs and scales: private house, row house, industrial facility, sacred, educational/institutional, public/sports. Together they reflect representative currents, developments and practices in the best of Slovenian architecture today. In order to offer the opportunity to view the films in a setting and occasion best suited to the medium, the museum will hold a special opening-screening event 10 days in advance of the opening of the Designing the Republic exhibition, on Tuesday, June 21, 2011, at 8 p. m. at the Museum of Architecture and Design. Films on contemporary Slovenian architecture will be screened also as an integral part of the museum’s exhibition Designing the Republic.

Mais informações: MAO
Imagem: Square and Open-Air Altar por Miran Kambič e Maruša Zorec

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